Case Studies / Split Bread

Split Bread

Split Bread is a unique artisan sandwich shop located in San Francisco and is touted as the city's first cashless restaurant. Split Bread is seasonally focused and dedicated to real, honest cooking techniques to deliver food the way it should be — fresh, healthy, local, low sodium, moderately portioned, not slathered in oil, fat, salt or chemically derived ingredients — and great tasting.

The Challenge

Being incredibly passionate about bringing great food to as many people as possible, owner David Silverglide wanted the Split Bread experience to be as seamless as possible. Choosing the cashless model and allowing guests to self order via QR codes embedded in the tables meant finding a complete point of sale solution that offered fully integrated mobile ordering capabilities. Orders placed by the guest had to be processed and sent to the kitchen immediately, with no interaction from staff members.

The Solution

Being the only cloud point of sale with integrated mobile ordering, Brink POS was an obvious choice for Split Bread. The online and mobile ordering feature of Brink POS includes an in-store ordering mode that allows for seamless ordering and payment. An order placed by a guest on his/her smart phone appears in the kitchen instantly, the same as if a cashier had entered the order. The table number is automatically included with the order so that the food can be run out to the precise location.

The Results

Open since August of 2012, Split Bread has been a huge success and has been labelled a pioneer in mobile ordering technology. Their use of the Brink POS online and mobile ordering feature has helped realize their cashless model, therefore reducing labor cost and improving efficiency. Not to mention some great PR.

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