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Who We Are

Founded in 2008, by a group of hospitality software veterans, Brink Software is the leading provider of cloud based point of sale software for restaurants and cafes. Having identified the problems with traditional point of sale systems, the group set out to solve those problems by utilizing the power of cloud computing. Developing the Brink POS product from the ground up, the team is able to deliver new fully integrated features faster than any other provider. A privately held, self-funded company, the close knit founders maintain the original mission of the company; delivering high quality technology products and services, while maintaining a high regard for the best interest of both its customers and employees.


With headquarters in sunny San Diego, California, it's not uncommon to see shorts and flip flops around the Brink office. But, don't let the casual beach vibe fool you, commitment and professionalism are qualities of every Brink Software employee. Placing high value on family life means company get togethers and BBQs are a regular occurence.


Paul Rubin - Chief Executive Officer

Paul Rubin is extremely passionate about technology and progress, and has had the lifelong dream of developing his own POS system. It was his passion and inspiration that assembled this current team and has kept it going since 2008. Paul provides the team with a strong sense of empowerment, an exceptional background in restaurant technology, and hands-on development leadership. He has more than 23 years of development experience and more than 18 years of exposure to hospitality POS, originating as a cashier at McDonald’s early in his career, and evolving into a respected developer, integrator, and team manager at companies such as Jack-in-the-Box and Starbucks. He has in-depth experience with many of the leading POS systems in the restaurant industry.

Paul has led the development of handheld extensions to POS systems including Aloha, Infogenesis, and Xpient, as well as for restaurant-oriented reservation and seating management products. He has worked very closely with Darden Restaurants, Brinker International, The Walt Disney World Resort, and InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) on the development of hospitality-centric software.

Brett Clapham - Chief Operations Officer

Brett Clapham offers a balanced sales perspective to balance a deeply technical team. He oversees the Company’s Cloud deployments, Software Quality Assurance, and offers an invaluable business and sales mind. Brett has more than a decade of experience working within the hospitality realm, specifically with POS. He is a proven hands-on leader and has led the creation of teams and processes for developing high quality restaurant-oriented software products and services. With Akeena Solar, Brett lead sales and marketing efforts for Southern California and was responsible for teams generating more than $15 million in annual sales.

Brett graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor's of Geography in 1997 and a Master’s degree in Educational Technology in 1999.

Rick Elliott - Chief Technology Officer

Rick Elliott blends technology and creativity with a strong business sense as the Company’s web guru. Rick is responsible for the development of all web products, and has lead the majority of Brink Software’s installation and support efforts. Rick has more than 13 years of web development experience, with six years of exposure to POS and hospitality software. He has designed and developed front end web products, including applications that allow consumers to place room service orders and restaurant reservations via a hotel’s Intranet. Having worked as an independent consultant for most of his professional career, he brings a wide range of business sense and entrepreneurial spirit to the team.

Rick graduated cum laude in 2000 from the DeVry Institute of Technology in Calgary, Canada, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.

Michael Demler - Chief Financial Officer

Michael Demler has a love for technology and numbers, and greatly enjoys viewing and making business decisions from both vantage points. He is responsible for developing Brink Software’s core architecture and overall product vision, as well as managing the Company’s finances. Mr. Demler enjoys more than 14 years of software development experience, seven of those years working intimately with POS and hospitality software. He has led development of a mobile extension to the Xpient POS system and worked on a mobile extension to the Infogenesis POS system, as well as restaurant seating management and reservation applications. Michael has considerable experience working with both startups and established enterprise software companies.

Michael graduated summa cum laude with departmental honors from the University of San Diego, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and a minor in Accountancy in 1999.